Painting Competition - Voting and Scoring

Tunbridge Wells Wargames Society
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Entry slips are available on the table, and you should take a numbered yellow token from the box provided. Write the class number, the entry number (from the token), the description, and your full name CLEARLY on the entry slip. Place this, and the token, on the table by your entry. Entries must be placed no later than 15.00.


Voting is carried out by the members present at the meeting who have one vote for each class, which they cast for the best painted entry (in their opinion) in that class. Members will be handed a voting slip for the Painting Competition when it is time to vote. To vote, write the ENTRY number legibly in the appropriate box for each class. You may vote for ONE entry in the each class. You ARE allowed to vote for your own item (assuming it is the best painted, of course !) The votes cast in each class determine the ranking of the entries in each. Winners are ranked 1st, 2nd, and 3rd according to votes cast. To gain a place in the top three an entry must have received at least one vote. It is possible to have multiple winners in the first 3 places, all of whom are awarded the same number of points. As you can see from the table below, you will get a point just for entering.


1st places get 8 points 2nd places get 4 points 3rd places get 2 points All other unplaced entries get 1 point Uncontested entries in a class get 6 points
Classes and Entries Classes and Entries The League The League
Most recent update 3rd September 2019
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The meeting on 20th October is cancelled as this clashes with the SELWG show.