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Cavalier 2020 Traders and Games


The following list shows traders who attended Cavalier in 2020. We have included their web addresses where they are available; we do not take any responsibility for any links that do not work.

Trader Web address
Art of War
Brigade Models
Colonel Bill's
Commission Figurines
Crow Valley Models
Cuirassier Books
David Lanchester Books
Debris of War
Eagle Figures
Early War Miniatures
Essex Miniatures
Firepower Games
Grubby Tanks
Helion & Co
Ironclad Miniatures
KR Multicase
Last Man Last Bullet
Lesley's Bits Box (with KR Multicase)
1/72nd Model Figures
Paul Harrison
Peter Pig
Products for Wargamers
Scotia Grendel
The Last Valley
The Pit Gaming Shop
Tiny Wargames
Tumbling Dice
Warlord Games

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The table below shows the games which took part at the show. The list shows the Society presenting the game, the theme, and whether it is a demonstration or participation game.

Club or Society Game Remarks
Friday Night Firefight Best of Enemies 28mm Crusades; Participation
Hailsham Wargames Club Late Romans vs Goths 28mm; Demonstration
Bring on the Bad Guys Superhero 28mm Modern Pulp/Superhero; Participation
Maidstone Wargames Society Biggles - The Island at the Top of the World 28mm Fantasy; Participation
Gravesend Gamers Guild Kill Team 28mm SF Skirmish; Participation
Milton Hundred Wargame Club Der Kampf um den Krug 28mm Napoleonic Skirmish; Demonstration
Deal Wargames Society; Winner Best Demonstration Game 2020 “Shall we dance ?” 20mm 1933 Bowradet Rebellion; Demonstration
SEEMS "The Colonel’s Jammed and the Gatling’s Dead" 28mm Colonial; Demonstration
Cheshunt Wargames Club; Winner Best Participation Game 2020 "Mosquito Strike Norway" 1/300th Air Combat; Participation
Society of Ancients Battle of Paratakene 28mm; Participation
Wadhurst Wargamers and role-players Dungeons and Dragons 28mm Fantasy; Participation
Tonbridge Wargames Club Fight or Flight 28mm French Indian War; Participation
Crawley Wargames Club Escape from the Aztecs 28mm Jungle Chase; Participation

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